Studio Etiquette

Scent free is the way to be.

Our shared environment is accessible and welcoming to everyone. Please refrain from using strong scents in your personal products before arriving to the studio, and after class.

What to wear.

Please wear light, comfortable clothing you can move freely in. We ask our guests to wear both bottoms and tops. Please do not wear boxers as shorts, street clothes or attire with offensive images or text.

No phone zone.

Unplug while you are in our sanctuary. Please turn off cell phones and leave them with your personal items in your vehicle or cubbies. The yoga room is a mobile device free zone.

Silence is golden.

Relax into a dedicated, mindful time just for you. Observe silence in the yoga room; take the unplug one step further and go inward.

Get the whole experience.

There’s magic in every moment during class, especially in the final few moments of rest. Take advantage of every second, and do your best to stay in the room for the entire duration of class.

Be on time.

We offer an uninterrupted in-class experience. We ask guests to help us make that happen by arriving 10 minutes before class time and ready to start moving when class begins.
Gentle reminder: late arrivals will not be admitted into class.

Age requirement

Guests must be 16 years or older to practice in the heat.