Frequently Asked Questions

What is Original Hot Yoga (OHY)?

Original Hot Yoga is our core class, also known as Bikram yoga, it is a traditional hatha yoga class where every class the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises are performed chronologically in a heated room. OHY is an all levels class designed for beginning yoga practitioners.

What other classes do you offer?

We have Original Hot Yoga 60 minutes or 90 minutes, Flow, Hot Pilates and Yin. We also offer private pilates reformer lessons in our sunny atrium. You can see our full class descriptions here. 

How hot are the classes?

Our class temperatures and humidity vary with Original Hot Yoga being the hottest, at around 40 degrees celsius and Yin yoga being the coolest at around 30 degrees celsius. The heat is an important part of the class, it allows for increased blood flow, flexibility and increases your mental grit.

What are the benefits?

Improves strength, flexibility, posture and alignment
Increases organ function and improves circulation
Relieves joint stiffness and reduces chronic pain
Optimizes peak performance and reduces risk of injury
Achieves calm, mental clarity, focus, and discipline
Burns calories and increases energy levels

What should I wear?

Wear something light and comfortable that you can move freely in. Most students wear shorts or leggings and a sports bra or sleeveless exercise shirt on top. Expect to sweat!

Am I allowed to leave the room during class?

Absolutely. If you need to leave the hot room during class you’re welcome to. There are benches right outside the doors. Come back and join in whenever you’re ready.

How often should I come?

Most students see the benefits of a regular practice with at least 2-3 classes per week.

What should I bring to my first class?

Yoga mat, large towel (big enough to cover most of your mat), water. Don’t worry if you forget something, we rent and sell these items. We have women’s, men’s and a private unisex (available upon request) change rooms that include showers and washrooms.

How can I prepare for my first class?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Aim to drink an additional liter of water the day before your first class. Avoid heavy meals or drinking lots of liquids in the 2-3 hours before class. A light snack an hour before is great. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and get yourself set up and expect to stay for the duration of class.

Is there parking?

Yes! There is free 2 hour underground parking (for the Public Market) along the carriage way between Harold and Fisgard. There is metered parking within several blocks.

How do I clean my mat after class?

Easy, take your mat with you when you leave the hot room and spray it down with the provided disinfecting mat spray. Rental mats can then be hung on the racks. Most students roll up their personal mats and then hang them at home. The mat towel will absorb a lot of the sweat and keep your mat cleaner.

Is there an age requirement at Quantum?

You must be 16 years or older to practice in the heat. Under 16 is allowed on a case by case basis for Yin yoga.