our story at Quantum

To us, Quantum means we’re all connected.

That we all come from the same source. That we’re all made from starlight and stardust when you really get down to it.

Grown from that idea—that we’re all connected—is the concept of the ‘club’; a place that’s all about community, where we take care of one another and those around us, and are accessible by everyone. Those are the pillars we’re built on, and how we build the Quantum Experience.

We’re more than a yoga studio. This is a space that’s all about transformation—mind, body and soul. It’s a space about true belonging and authenticity. It’s about truly caring, and creating experiences designed around over-delivering, and making the world around us a better place.

That’s what we’re up to: encouraging an expansion for all through movement and community.


Elevate the cohesiveness of the community.


Provide space grounded in community first, accessibility and sustainability for individuals to grow spiritually and physically.

Meet Ken

Known for his presence in Victoria’s yoga community and his dedication to deep relationships at the heart of any success, Ken Mayes is a catalytic connector. His mission in opening Quantum yoga, above anything else, is to establish new and meaningful relationships through thoughtful experiences, and bring people together to move, grow and connect.

1701 Douglas Street, Unit 8
Victoria, BC